Fotografía Newborn en Madrid
Fotografía Newborn en Madrid
Fotografía Newborn en Madrid
Fotografía Newborn en Madrid
Fotografía Newborn en Madrid
Fotografía Newborn en Madrid
Fotografía Newborn en Madrid
Fotografía Newborn en Madrid
Fotografía Newborn en Madrid
Fotografía Newborn en Madrid

Newborn photography session in Madrid

Because in your life history, there are moments that are essential to treasure forever.

And the photos of your newborn are the memory of the beginning of a new life.

They also have great power, photography is a time machine. When you see it, it not only shows you an image of what your baby was like but you travel back to that moment. And you relive all the emotions and feelings you had when holding your newborn baby.

fotografía newborn Madrid
fotografía newborn en Madrid

Choose Estudio 28, experts in newborn photography

Because we understand you, we are also parents and we know how important these photos will be for you and your family.

They will be the memory of your family history and that is our starting point to carry out the best session.

Also for our dedication and years of experience.

To do newborn photography it is essential to master and know the behavior and needs of a newborn (breastfeeding, sleep, times, pampering…).

It has been 10 years to date and we have photographed hundreds of newborn babies.

All of this means that we know what needs to be done at all times so that you can treasure this special and ephemeral moment.

With us, your baby and memories are in the best hands.

We are here to offer you a professional newborn photography session to make this special moment even more memorable.


What are our newborn sessions in Madrid like?


Price of the Newborn photo session in Madrid


Newborn Base Pack

Newborn photo session

by €395
  • Preparation and organization of the session from: 2 to 3 hours:
  • We carry out a study of the baby's personality and your tastes to prepare the props.
  • 3-hour session, with:
  • 3 exclusive decorations for your baby: swaddled, table, baskets.
  • Includes family photos (optional).
  • And also, we invite you to have breakfast.
  • Editing and Postproduction 4h:
  • Retouching and editing photo by photo of all the chosen ones
  • Quality control of photo development and processing.
  • 14 photos printed in size 15x20 cm.
  • Delivery of the photos in a wooden and methacrylate box with exclusive recording.
  • Pendrive with the chosen photos in high quality.
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Book your Newborn photo session in Madrid now!

Thanks to our 10 years of experience in the sector, we offer you a professional, delicate and very special Newborn photography service.

At Estudio28 we know how important it is to capture these unique moments that we will never forget. If you want to book your newborn photo session in Madrid or resolve any questions or concerns, contact us using the following form and we will respond as soon as possible.

* We only serve by appointment.

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    Frequent questions

    If you have doubts or questions about the Newborn photography sessions at Estudio28, here we bring you all the information you need about our newborn photo sessions.

    When should the newborn photo session be done?

    The Newborn Madrid photo session is recommended to be done in the first 15 days of life. The reason is that in those first days the baby's behavior and comfortable positions are the same as during pregnancy.

    When and how do I make my reservation for the newborn photo session?

    We recommend that you book your newborn photo session before the baby is born. In this way, you ensure a space in our agenda and you will also take this important day into account in the organization of the first days after birth.

    Your baby has just been born and you didn't know you had to book?

    This is a moment in life that will not be repeated.

    So contact us anyway, tell us when you were born and we will do everything in our power to take these very special photos.

    Types of sets that we use for the newborn shoot in Madrid?

    Newborn photography is a very delicate specialty, so we only use props made and designed for newborns. Most of them are handmade pieces by specialized artisans. This, in addition to giving us beautiful aesthetics and finishes, makes photography safe for them.

    How to book a newborn session?

    To ensure your newborn session,You must tell us the possible delivery date and once we have it we will schedule your appointment for the session.

    What is the photo-by-photo retouching service for a newborn photo session?

    Each and every one of the chosen photos are retouched with Photoshop. This means that each photo is given the time and love that each one needs. For example: if your baby scratched his face just before the session, don't worry, it will go away.

    What is the price of a newborn photo session in Madrid?

    The basic pack starts at €395. Just above these questions and answers, you can see what it looks like and what it includes. Although we have more options to choose from, such as albums, paintings, extensions... To have all the detailed information, write to us and we will send it to you. 

    How long does the session with a newborn photographer last?

    Newborn photography sessions at Estudio28 last 3 hours, so that your baby gets used to the environment and feels as comfortable and safe as possible.

    What our clients say about our newborn sessions

    I have taken the course and the photos of my son. I have not seen a better team, who treat babies with tenderness and professionalism.
    Castor Torres
    Google Review
    Professionals, attentive, pamper babies and not so babies every minute. They adapt to what you need and give you great advice.Always innovating.I have already done several reports with them and everyone is happier.I recommend them.
    Tamara SM
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    I can't explain how professional and good people they are, they took our baby's newborn photos in January and we were impressed. When you see how they work and the job they give you so well done, you can't help but thank them. ! You are incredible, both in your treatment, in how you treat babies, in the patience you have, in the tranquility and love you give... You are very special to us, we can only say that thank you, thank you and a thousand more thanks and that Of course we will repeat!!! You are awesome!! We love you very much and Mario is looking forward to seeing you again.
    María Pacha Grano De Oro
    Google Review
    It has been a real pleasure to see you work with our purrelilla, you are professionals, you have infinite patience, it is clear that you love your work because of the love with which you do it. The treatment of babies cannot be better, with that love , sweetness and above all making the baby feel comfortable in each photo. And THANK YOU infinitely for those pieces of photos that are SPECTACULAR, each one of them is taken care of in detail. Looking forward to doing your next report, THANK YOU A THOUSAND. We love you!!
    Mari Paz Mateos Muñoz
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